Friday, August 5, 2011

Our third sewer employed officially


Sweet Anna is quiet and friendly.  She works really steadily and is gradually picking up new skills and learning all the terms… We all had a laugh today when she started looking for “that thing” She joked that because she couldn't remember its name she would have to keep looking until she found it herself!  We all teased her, and then had a good laugh  a few minutes later when she triumphantly held up a quick-unpick! 

This month she is still training so she is on a part wage, which as the weeks go by, we will increase to a standard wage.

Novi is still coming nearly every day, and the three of them enjoy each others company (most of the time) ; )  Apparently it turns out that the three of them share the same Godmother, so they are sort of like sisters.

As soon as Anna mastered the treadle machine she began to sew simple seams, and also helps out with packaging and applying the press studs.  They have been working on producing about 150 pads, plus 12 shirts, and are now finishing about 10 skirts!  They have been very busy this week!  They sit in production line each on a task.  Its great to see!

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