Friday, August 26, 2011

Cute smocked dresses!

Sinta loves whipping up small experimental designs.  One afternoon i noticed one of our neighbours small girls wearing a sweet outfit made from leftover bag fabric.  I was very impressed.  I mentioned it to Sinta, and she shyly explained how she had used up some fabric remnants to make a dress as a gift for this little girl.  I encouraged her.  After sourcing this new batik fabric, i began to think – hmm 100% cotton fabric (which foreigners look for plus the fact that foreigners love to purchase locally made products,  well– lets make cute girls dresses!!  So they came up with a simple smocked top/dress with straps tied on the shoulders.  They use the leftover pieces from the bags.DSCF2878
I think they are very cute.  The girls bought 1 roll of elastic thread for 50c which they wind onto the bobbin.  They made 6 dresses with the 1 roll.  I was in the sewing room as they finished the first 2 and hung them on the wall.  Soon after a neighbour wandered in and eyed them off.  She returned later to purchase both of them less than 30mins after they were finished!  Talk about products walking off the shelf :)  I bought them a couple of bulk rolls of elastic yesterday and we may begin making more children's clothing.

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