Monday, August 8, 2011

Blue glorious blue….


Next time we were out around town, we stopped in at a few “general store” type Indonesian-ware shops.  And guess what we found! Some rolls of the correct blue colour for $1/m! YAY Now we can make more affordable school shirts…. It was also our first ever whole roll purchases.  That was plural because we bought 2 rolls of the blue – just in case it sells out there too, and we bought a roll of black to use for the linings in our shoulder bags.

It felt pretty exciting lugging the rolls into the sewing room!

We were also looking for some alternative fabric for our shoulder bags.  The two fabric shops have been increasing the price in 50c increments from $3.50/m last year to $5/m/ now!  That really means we make a loss on the bags.  So after one of our visitors bought a batik printed sarong for $5, i immediately thought hey that's about 2m long so its only $2.50/m!  After a discussion with Sinta she explained they sell in packs of 5 for around $12-$16.  If you do the maths its less its about $1.50/m!  A bargain!  And its pure cotton in lovely prints.

SO while out and about we hunted out a pack to try.

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