Monday, August 8, 2011

More Marketing

I mentioned earlier that we have employed Mateus who, among other tasks, will assist Sinta and Novi in commencing a marketing push.
A few days ago, he arrived (un-announced and dressed to impress), so i had to run over to the sewing room and let Sinta and Novi know.  They in turn disappeared to “freshen up” a bit.  They returned very nervous, but looking sensational! Part of Mateus role is supporting them and coaching them a bit, as well as driving, and if needed translating into English.  The three of them drove away,and I was jumping with excitement! 
I had helped them prepare a crate with some samples to give away, other samples to show, and a bunch of brochures and some brand new business cards!!
  business card business card back
They returned quite happy, having visited three organisations.  ALOLA, HIAM Health, and a women's group NGO.  Everyone they spoke to had been positive, but all needed to speak with their directors.  ALOLA have their own sewing groups which make simple cloths to use as pads, however Sinta and Novi explained how “ours” are better, because they clip on to the underpants, and have a waterproof layer.  ALOLA has a large shopfront at the front of their building.  They noticed the cloth books on the back of our business card, and expressed interest in possibly purchasing some to sell through their shop.
On a personal note, upon arriving at HIAM Health (a malnutrition Rehabilitation Centre), Sinta was quite surprised and excited to see the little boy who she had earlier adopted but who had been taken back by the birth family about 2-3 months ago.  She spoke of it being Gods work that she went there on that day, as he was leaving a few hours later to go back to the mountains with his birth family. Thanks to God for small blessings!

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