Friday, August 26, 2011

Sunset market

Last year the department of tourism linked up with the organisers of Darwin’s sunset market, to commence a Timor version.  It started in the dry season, every week, and had stalls of local products, food stalls and entertainment.
The Sunset Fair was designed for tourists and foreigners living here.  It is also held at the “white skin” white sand beach called Christo Rei.  This is on the far side of Dili away from us, and combined with the fact that we didn’t have much spare cash or time we never attended.  I had asked a friend about the possibility of bellekria selling some things there, but she made a few inquiries and it seemed that the sellers needed to be a registered business or NGO, plus a stall space was $50 so we shelved the idea. 
This year as we have been expanding both with staff and product range, I have been seriously re-considering trying to get a stall at the sunset market.  So Sinta rang the organiser and was invited around immediately to sign up! We sent them along with $70 in case the price had increased.  They returned very excited as the organiser was a lovely lady who was  very encouraging about their sewing group.  The $50 fee is a one off cost which lasts the entire market season (till December).  They had to sign a contract and now they wait for their application to be approved and receive some i.d cards.  So next Friday may be our first market stall!  Of course i am racking my brains for other simple products to sell there.   I have found a sweet pattern for a child's fabric ball, as well as hoping to make lots of the cotton dresses, and more cloth books.  Word has been getting around about our books, so I think we may sell a few.

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  1. excellent news! that is so exciting! what other things would the white locals buy i wonder? you should ask around and see what is missing from the markets, hope the first go makes good money and is encouraging for Sinta and others. x