Friday, July 29, 2011

Marketing and Packaging


Samuel has been trying to get a bit more involved in helping Bellekria out.  He has recently employed a Timorese guy part time to do some work for us.  One of his tasks will be taking Novi and Sinta around to various NGOs and Gov departments trying to promote our cloth pads.  So then we start thinking about packaging….how can we present these products attractively?  Perhaps a small cloth bag?  So i asked Sinta to whip up a couple of trial bags – one elasticised top and one drawstring.  But each of them would have to priced at $1 each which is just too much to add to our pricing.   Hmmmm more thinking.  Perhaps a paper bag?  The local Timor NGO “KOR TIMOR” makes paper and paper products.   Perhaps we could drop in and have a chat.   So on a shopping trip I plan to go there, however our time runs out, so we head home.  On the way home, Samuel runs into a hardware shop to buy some nails.   A few minutes later he is back at the car smiling smugly and asking me to go in with him.   I am thinking ok, maybe this place sells washing machines and one is on sale?  Or perhaps he wants my opinion on some product for one of his various building projects….but no!  He leads me to a dark shelf hidden away, and would you believe it?  Feminine packaging bags, complete with sealable ends and in bulk!  100 small ones for $6, large ones $10!  PERFECT!!!  Beautiful, attractive, protective and cheap!  In a hardware shop of all places….Only in Timor!??  


What  a blessing.  I couldnt wait to get hom to show Sinta and Novi.  They were delighted!  They couldnt believe how proffesional they made our product look.  Sinta got all excited and by the next afternoon had packaged up most of our products, complete with swing tags and displayed them on our bench top for customers to browse through…:)

DSCF2785 DSCF2784

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