Our Products

The sewing room began primarily to produce cloth pads.
Here is an example of the two main styles we make at present (subject to change :))
1 - A regular winged design
2 - A belted deisgn

We have a variety of brochures we hand out.  On the left is an information brochure for English speaking workers/volunteers in Non Government Organisations. (NGO's).  On the right is a version in the local language of Tetun.  We also have a third brochure which we hand out with every pad sold.  It give instructions in the local language on how to use and wash the pad.
We have also begun to produce womens health packs. 
Belekria offers four styles of health kits, 

  • Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Pack, $20
  • Mini MHM pack, $15
  • Complete Sanitation Pack, $35 and 
  • Personalised Packs.(various prices)
Belekria often gets asked to create custom cushions, bags clothing and a variety of random items...,

We also made some cloth books...

Here is one in action - A librarian from the Ermera library is teaching new mums how to read to their babies

We have made a number of cushion covers for the library as well.  Here they are in place:

We have recently been making school shirts and skirts:

 Christmas banners!!
Some other items are small girls skirts.  (One of my widowed neighbours is very clever with crochet, so i asked her to provide some flowers and trims.)