Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A new life for a well loved machine


 06-IMGP0001 (4)08-DSCF420507-DSCF4204 10-DSCF420711-DSCF4208  09-DSCF4206  Quote”Oh its so smooth – its runs so lovely!  Every day I am going to use this machine!”

Its a lovely neat little cabinet coming all the way from Woombah.  Verna, a sweet 89yr old hoped her machine could be used, and it certainly will be.

Sinta and Ange loved how compact the design is, in a neat little cabinet that all folds up.  Its a real treasure here.  Because we received this machine we were able to pass on a cheaper treadle machine to go to Sintas sister in Suai - on the other side of the mountains.