Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Sewers Delight.


I noticed a few weeks ago that our stock of fabrics was getting low, and thought to myself, “I had better do a trip to the sewing shop and restock”.  But you know how it is – Gods sewing shop is a lot more exciting!

We got the call from Rotary to say the next container was getting unloaded.  My parents in Maclean (NSW) had organised a another pallet load of sewing room supplies.   We brought the boxes containing fabric to the sewing room and the girls had fun inspecting every single piece and designating what it should get made into - “A long dress! ooh lovely”  “A shirt for church in this”, “A mans shirt” “Put this on the pants pile”  It was cute to watch.

21-DSCF3866 18-DSCF3860 19-DSCF3861  They all LOVED a leopard print…. must be in fashion here.

There was also many bundles of flannelette inserts.  A lot of these went straight into packaging with a waiting cloth pad.  Its exciting to see a large stock of pads in the cupboard, although I will of course prefer it when we move them out to women.

On the business side of things, the dynamics of the room seem to be mores settled, and its a bit quiet in the sales side of things, so in some ways I am glad that only 3 women have been coming.  Anna is still taking maternity leave until her little boy has balanced safety sense with his new walking skills. :)