Monday, November 7, 2011

Custom clothing – your wish is my command

None of the women have had much previous experience with sewing clothing.  Earlier this year they developed the school skirts and then the school shirts. And of course we had the cheif’s wedding dress.  And the batik smocked dresses. … And with the amazing influx of beautiful fabrics inspiration has been bursting out of the boxes! :)
We also had some visitors in September requesting custom clothing. So they have slowly been trying more and more styles. 
Israel was desperate to get his dream designer pants sewn up.  And he was very proud to wear them!
DSCF3012 DSCF3041
Sinta and Novi work together to produce some lovely garments.  They are always improving in their shaping/cutting and finishing, although i still have “Oh Dear'” moments. ;)
DSCF3043It has been very exciting watching their creativity flow, and seeing their skills develop.