Friday, March 11, 2011

Time to go back!

Well, we have been in Australia for a break since November.  It seems as if we will get back to Timor on the 26th March, although we haven't bought tickets yet!

I have spent a few hours today browsing through the Green beans website, building a wish list order... Not sure if I will be able to afford it all yet!

I would love to take a second snap press over so that we don't have to change the die's so often.

 I also need to take over some more PUL, and I want to take over some absorbent fabric such as bamboo fleece.  Cotton towels/toweling is surprisingly hard to find and expensive in east Timor.  I guess as the weather is so warm, you can just drip dry, or use a sarong.  Anyway I think it works out cheaper for me to buy expensive bamboo fabric in Australia and ship it over!   (If only I could make it myself with bamboo in Timor).  I also have plans to make some more standard styles of pads, with the possibility of then selling them to Australians.  While we visited Darwin on our way into Australia, we met with a lady who has connections with the NT government and one woman was interested in accessing cloth pads to distribute to women in Aboriginal communities and suggested we sell some to them...  So I want more regular, and higher priced pads such as AIO (all in one) styles.

Originally i made the designs as cheap as possible (we sell them for $2), but now i want to have a choice, cheap and simple, or more expensive and fancy!
In Australia cloth pads sell  for $10 - $14 each!
see the cloth pad shop if your interested.
I think that we could make them for $5-6 each. Although then we have to transport them to OZ.

So many ideas, so many possibilities.
I could seriously start a school for young people wanting to learn sewing, painting, cooking etc   But slowly, slowly, one thing at a time :)