Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Creativity running wild

Well, When I arrived back this year after 7 weeks in oz, i was excited to see that Sinta, Novi, Ange and Anona had been trying new products while i was gone. (Anna has taken time off to care for her child)  And the creativity hasn't stopped.  It feels like each time i pop my head in they have a new design hanging up.  So ill show you some pics.  I walked in today and started to the left of the room and just walked around each wall taking photos of the new items since Dec last year.  Of course this doesn't include items sold already….

 Corduroy pants formal shirtbutton tab detailshorts and top pregnancy set popular here in Timor stylish black formal skirt  kids top/skirt set pleated skirt size 2 roughly tiny dress with pleats gorgous dresses top/shorts set As you can see they have been experimenting with lots of different clothing styles.  Its coming close to a big day here – Easter.  Which for most of them means getting dressed in their finest and attending a special service at church.  Apparently its a good excuse to buy a new outfit.  So Sinta and the others are trying to whip up some tempting fashion pieces.

They also did some rearranging of boxes and supplies a few weeks ago.  (Our room is rather cramped with not enough suitable storage yet.)  Anyway they came across some remnants of furnishing type fabrics which had been donated to us last year.   They measured out larger pieces and hemmed them into table cloths and door curtains.  Then the smaller pieces they started crafting into all sorts of handbag styles.  They are using details such as pleats, gathers, tucks, tabs, flaps etc.  I love it.  They seem to be really bouncing skills and ideas off each other.

DSCF3432 DSCF3433 DSCF3434 DSCF3435 DSCF3436

Also, last but not least, i don't think i have shown you pics of the additions to their school uniform range.  Apparently some girls visited them wanting a full skirt made in their school fabric.  So they designed some skirts with large pleats in the interesting pumpkin shade….DSCF3437

And last but not least they made some tiny black school pants for early primary school students. 

DSCF3438 DSCF3439

I am overall very happy to see them stretching their abilities.  If only we could ship over some rolls of lovely cotton prints from India, we could start our own clothing line :)  Dreaming….