Friday, May 20, 2011

More books and more ideas

Lovely Beth, from the library in Gleno, came down on Thursday to chat. She brought with her a staff member from the library, and the four of us discussed how the books were coming along and when they might be ready.  They also asked Sinta to make a further 12, with different themes.  So we will have to get creative with it.  So far we did fruit, animals and clothing, so now we may do colours, shapes, transport, infrastructure, and sizes as themes.


 The books are pretty simple - a cover (front and back) and and two other sheets inside making four pages or four images.  The first batch we were able to buy stiff canvas type calico fabric.  But when we went to buy more, it had all sold, so we bought cheap calico and iron on interfacing and the pages turned out really stiff, which the Timorese librarian preferred. 
 I've been trying to get Sinta to add interesting features to the images, like hand embroidered legs for the rooster, and eyes and scales on the fish.  However im a little disapointed that she hasn't been trying new ideas with this concept.  I will keep trying.

DSCF2385 DSCF2383
They also asked us to give quotes on making some large book bags with zips to make up into book kits for teachers to use in classrooms.

Training has begun!

Well i am very happy to announce that 4 women started learning how to sew last Thursday/Friday.  Another may also begin today.  Sinta decided ti was a good time to start so she asked around and a few women were very keen to begin learning.  They started by getting used to the rhythm of the foot pedal – quite tricky if you’ve never tried.  Sinta stood beside them helping to pump the pedal while they rested the hands on the table and tried to match the rhythm with their feet.  One lady picked it up quite quickly, and another really struggled.  Mind you there were lots of jokes going on to stimulate her! Poor girl!  It was pretty funny though. 
Sinta asked my advice about what to do next, so we discussed some ideas about learning to sew a straight line, and having a good knowledge of the machine and its threading etc.
The women will just come when they have time so its very relaxed.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not this time...

Well, it would have been great to have a second sewer BUT! ....My sweet neighbour/landlord quietly came and spoke to me about how it would not be a good idea to employ someone from a different area! It needs to be a very local person or family member to keep the peace.  Hmmm.  Not happy.  So we have only Sinta, and lots of work, and not enough time to train someone "local".
Will put some pics up soon of the new books getting made.