Monday, September 16, 2013

an overdue update

June, July, August, September? Already?
My life is just careening along... Xakira is a crawling 8 month old and I still haven't put a photo of her on here! Shame on me

A visitor took these lovely photos a month ago.
I have been busy caring for her, while also investing a large chunk of every day into Serenity & Israels schooling.
 Now for news on Bellekria...
  • Bellekria is now the official supplier of the local primary school uniform! YAY
  • We still only have Sinta and Ange as full time staff, but Agina (who trained with them earlier this year) has been coming every day even though bellekria cant pay her a wage.
  • Mending/alterations are still the most common sale.
  • Last month they had a stall at a 5 day trade fair.
  • We sent 1 box of pads to a clinic in Weberek, another to a clinic in Los Palos, (Lautem) and a bag to a clinic in Same, which leaves us with one small bag left from the large amount donated last year by Celestes fundraiser.  This last bag will either be taken by a missionary working in a different village near Los Palos, or else sent to Weberek later this month with Lucinda (Aussie midwife) just in time for...
  • Celeste is running another fundraising event this month! She is very sweet.
  • Our new location is proving to be a great thing - more people are walking through the door.
  • We just received another load of machines/fabric from NSW.