Friday, July 15, 2011

Biblioteka Ermera (Ermera library) cushions

have a look at these gorgous cushion covers!!  The library at Ermera is having its grand opening next Friday! Very exiting.  Even the President will be there!  They asked us to whip up some cheery cushion covers with animals on them.  Sinta and Novi got to work and presto! here they are:
DSCF2596 (600 x 400)
DSCF2597 (600 x 400)
DSCF2595 (600 x 400)

If you want to check out the library’s new website follow this link.   The Ermera Library
They also dropped off a large book, so that we can start planning for making some large library bags.  The local teachers borrow large books to use at the front of their classrooms.  we may be creating some fabric ones too…..

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