Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Hope

Two of the women who visited these past weeks have been very encouraging!!  They listened to our desire to assist poor women with cloth pads.  They felt that they would like to help somehow, and came up with the idea of raising funds to purchase sets which then can be distributed to women in the mountains.  It was what my heart was desiring.  I have been able to give away a few packs myself to a few Timorese women, and I would love to be able to give more.  So they have both purchased some samples and taken a brochure with them to try and educate friends and acquaintances about the need here.
And another visitor has requested a small order of bags to take with her to sell back home.  Very exciting!
Sinta, and Novi have been so busy with other orders that we haven't put time into  marketing the pads to relevant female/health NGOs.  Hopefully over the next few months we can move lots of pads into the communities.

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