Friday, July 29, 2011

Sewing School Shirts!

Sinta and Novi talked to me last week about sewing some shirts for the local Beto school. Some mums had been asking for them.  So of we went to the fabric store in Colmera.
They didn't have the right blue in the cheap fabrics.  Only a dark one.  They had something close in a more expensive fabric.  They told us they were all out of it (must be popular especially being a uniform fabric but for some reason that doesn't mean its well stocked…?) But that the small corner store (kiosk) next door may have it??  Go figure.  Anyway sure enough this Timor version of a 7/11 had some rolls of fabric in the corner.  Colours varied but none fit the bill.  We kept asking them to look behind etc and finally the guy looked under the bench where the roll ends were neatly folded – BINGO!! 2 lengths of the correct fabric each slightly less than 1m enough for about 4 shirts i suppose.  Not really enough…..
Anyway so off we went to the larger store across town (larger as in this one is about 7mx4m instead of 3x4m.  “Timor Diak” is always crowded with people and rolls of fabric.  The aisles are only about 50cm wide and the cutting bench is even narrower!  I pity and admire the men doing the cutting.  Anyway, no luck there either.  So back we go to the first shop and buy a length of the better quality fabric which is really too expensive…Oh well….  I dropped the fabric off and the next day we headed for Los Palos.  Sinta and Novi had other sewing tasks to do, but should be starting the shirts while I was away.  I did occasionally fret while I was away…I didn't remind them to over lock the seams!  How will they go making the patterns?  What about the collars? and the pockets and buttonholes? 

 DSCF2787 Well Look what I came back to!  I am so proud of them!  They never cease to amaze me.  The collars are perfect, even with stiff interfacing inside, the seams are overlocked and pattern great!

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