Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well, What can I say.  My world has tilted to a new angle.  I have moved to The MOST Amazing House!! I have storage, basins and a new normal size fridge.  We were rushing to get it mostly finished before the arrival of 6 visitors from Melbourne.  They are very friendly and generous.  I showed them Bellekria, and they were very impressed with the cloth books.  Upon hearing that the orders for them were from a library in the mountains, they decided to buy 10, and then donate them to the library.  Wonderful for us, and wonderful for the library! The new designs are more technical and time consuming, so we are increasing the price accordingly.  Thanks to a great suggestion from Fran, we have bought some wide ribbon to bind the edges of the book pages, rather than hand making bias binding.  This will greatly reduce the cost of production.
ALSO, one of the men asked for two bandannas to be sewn up, one from a piece of local hand made TAIS fabric, and the other from an Indonesian print.  He wants to pay $20 for the job, which me and Sinta think is quite ridiculous.  But of course we are quite happy to oblige. ;)
DSCN2647 Here they are moddelling the bandanas.  Awesome hey?

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  1. Good evening Cynthia and Samual:-} How are you? We are back in Melbourne and still wish that we were in Dili. What an awesome blog you have! Thank you for your kind words about our team and posting the lovely photo (your bandanas look great!) I have shared your blog on facebook with my friends, and know that there is so much more to do..... we'll be in touch. God bless you, Celeste and Darren