Friday, June 13, 2014

The Independence Remembrance 5 day market

The Dept of Tourism had been letting Belekria know that a market was being planned for the annual Independance day celebration.  They had assured Belekria they had a place reserved and would be notified later about when it would start etc.
Sooo one fine morning a couple of days after the public holiday, Belekria received another ph. call to say that it was starting that day!  Oops better get organised then hey?
Unfortunately it just happened to be when Samuel was away for a few days, and me being too scared to drive in the big city of Dili, poor Emmy and Nona were pretty embarrassed by their market stall on a small plastic coffee table…. So much for “PRESENTATION!”
I finally asked John from MAF if he could take our dining table in his ute and drop it around for them, so that improved the appearance a bit.   I was tryng not to be involved but was glad to visit them on the last day, and buy a few local products (as well as a cute black bunny for Israel).
Sadly the market wasn’t well advertised (actually not sure if was advertised at all) so even though Emmy and Nona turned up each day around 9am and stayed till after 10pm they came out of the 5 day market with a total of $53 income and $32 spent in transport etc. hmmmm.  Oh well, you win some you lose some.

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