Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pam instigates some embroidery...

Thanks Pam!
 While Pam was here we took the opportunity to run a few embroidery classes with a small group of neighbours.  They loved it and tried really hard.

Rosaria (13)
Laura (~19) and 8 months pregnant, proved to be the most dedicated.

Her mother, Martha had some prior experience and tended to want to do it her way instead of trying something new :)  But I think she didnt want to be outdone by her daughter so she kept trying.

 Amira was really excited to learn how to sew, and she was very neat and had a lovely eye for colour.

After Pam returned to Australia I have been giving some embroidery work to 3 of the women, and will show some examples of the finished product in a later post...

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