Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Revisiting Xanana's Cultural Centre

 After many months of waiting, partly due to the wet season impacting on the harvesting of the palm leaf,  women at Atekru, on the island of Atauro finally finished the huge Bite mat ordered by the Xanana's Cultural Centre.   As the women at Belekria were quite busy, I took on the task of applying a Timorese handwoven tais.  The process of creating a wide bias binding was quite tediuos  and led to a few iron burnt fingertips, however the finished product looked great!
The mat is approx 6mx3m.
Samuel thought it would be nice to have Emmy representing her family/friends form Atekru who wove the mats.

And Israel and Xakira explored the children's section of the library, enjoying the huge pile of cushions, most of them sewn by Belekria

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