Friday, June 13, 2014

Products for the International Craft Fair

Pam left me with some great ideas for new products.   Most of them designed to have embroidery.  So after she left I trialled the women who had attended her lessons and gave them some more lessons and assistance.  I then started to pay them per piece.  I drew the embroidery designs on the fabric and provided all the threads and needles.
I was really impressed with Laura's work and she kept stitching away each day for me.
I then called upon Sinta (the previous head sewer of Belekria who had to withdraw due to ill health and family issues) and she stitched the samples up very neatly, to produce these lovely bags.
 A simple shoulder bag with embroidered details.
A travel shoe bag, with appliqued/embroidered shoe designs.

Some travel tags. The other side has an acrylic window with a card for address details.

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