Thursday, September 8, 2011

The sunset fair

“To market to market” to haul in some dosh :)
We arrived at the Christo Rei Sunset Market  around 3pm, jam packed into the tiny suzuki (cause our small truck is out of action again!)
4 women and a sewing machine in the back – a bit tight.  But they were so sweet about it.  I guess its probably as much room as you get in a “mikrolet” (public transport mini bus). 
When we had unpacked ourselves we began the search for our spot.  There was a little confusion at first, as we could not find our name on any of the canvas tents that had  been set up….However after a few phone calls we discovered the organisers had made an error, so we did in fact have a location to set up our stall in….Its just that they had given Sinta a new name – Angelicca.  We thought that was funny.DSCF2968
Heres some pics of our products all displayed on the table.  We also had a number of bags and uniforms hanging up.
DSCF2969  DSCF2972 DSCF2973DSCF2975DSCF2985 DSCF2982  DSCF2979DSCF2977DSCF2976   DSCF2980 
The night was a bit slow…. A number of people were very interested in the sewing group, but we only sold $26 worth of stuff.  It doesn’t seem like much for all the effort it takes packing and travelling and unpacking and sitting…. But it is worth it to show the women how a market works, and how people like the products they are producing.   We used some of the 7 hours we were there, to chat about what else we could make to sell.  The problem is not really about more ideas, just about having the supplies, time and skills needed to produce them all!

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