Friday, September 9, 2011

Cloth Pad Distribution

A Very exciting few days!  Yesterday we drove to a small mountain cluster of villages DSCF3075 - Copycalled Liquidoi.  We took up 10 packs of women's cloth pads, and gave some to a small group.  The ladies were grateful to receive them, and some men also asked to have some to take home to their wives.  We left the remaining packs with a Pastor’s wife (second from right) to distribute to other women.
Then today we visited Hera, to catch up with Soraya and Branca.  Branca is a nurse who I consulted last year when the idea of making cloth pads was just in my head.  Later in July 2010 I trialled a few samples through some of the females she sees at the Sidara Clinic (a small village).  So today I took a bag of 8 sets to her.  She was very grateful to receive them, and was impressed with how professional they look in their packaging.  She asked if we minded that she would keep some of them to hand out to some expectant mums who are due to give birth in her birthing clinic next week. Of course we thought that was a lovely idea.  She then explained how she had around 20-30 births every year, and that she try's to give out a care package to each new mum.  DSCF3099She told us how $20 would provide some baby clothing, wraps, hygiene needs  and that if she can, she spends $30-$40 to also include rice, milk and other food essentials in the care  packs.  We think this is a wonderful project, and have told her we will try and find support to provide her with cloth pads for each pack, as well as possibly trying to source baby needs for her.

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