Sunday, December 2, 2012

Picking up the pace


Well this year has overall been a little slow for Belekria.  We had our staff numbers drop to 2 full time.  We had very few large orders.  

I suppose that in some ways it was just as well for me, as i had 3 months of morning sickness, then about 2-3 months where i felt ok, but now I'm really feeling the extra weight as my bump grows onwards and out!

So anyway a few months ago the accounting was looking a little dismal.  Not much expectation of a profit this year.  But then, we had the $1000 worth of pads to make, and then , a few weeks ago a neighbour of ours asked for some large cushions, and another lady started to ask for some sewing work for products she sells in her shop, and now another couple have asked if we could develop some natural fibre long sleeved/pants children's clothing, and today I had a phone call from Marianne (who works in the neonatal dept of the National hospital). She wants Belekria to hem some terry towelling cloth nappies for the hospital…. So all of a sudden they are quite well occupied, and its just as well we have a part time extra lady working now.

Its a bit difficult as all these larger orders come through me, in English.  So I have to be involved.  In my ideal world I could step further away from the running of Belekria.  But until they either find a sewer who can speak a bit of English, or else get enough business from local Timorese I will still be needed. 

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