Saturday, December 1, 2012

A “feel great!” opportunity

Recently Celeste visited Timor Leste again.  She arranged to visit us and asked if she could  take part in some of the giving of cloth pads which had been purchased from Belekria with money from her fundraising event this year.  I think I mentioned already that the total raised was over $1000, which translates to over 500 cloth pads being distributed.

I had tried for a number of weeks to find details about a womens refuge.  I had heard that it SANY5328 (450x338)operated but was unable to find anyone who new how to contact it.   I had however been given details about a women's forum type NGO that was educating families about reducing domestic violence and supporting women.  So I rang them and arranged to deliver a box of 100 pads with Celeste.  

   When we arrived 3-4 women staff came and listened interestedly as I explained what we were giving, and where they came from.   They responded very enthusiastically.  Exclaiming what a great product it was, and asking exactly where they were made etc

SANY5321 (450x338). SANY5323 (450x338)

One young woman asked hopefully if she could have 2 for herself!

SANY5324 (450x338) Of course i said yes.

I then asked if they knew about the refuge house.  After a short discussion in which I learnt they call it a shadow house (shelter house i suppose), they said yes they know it, in fact they run it from this office!  So there you go…. 100 pads donated to Fokuper.  SANY5319 (450x338)

We then drove over to a small orphanage that Celeste had been staying with earlier.SANY5330 (450x338) So another 100 pads donated for the sisters and young girls.   All in all a very “feel great” day. 

We still have 3 boxes to distribute so hopefully that will be soon.

Thanks so much to Celeste for having the vision and drive to raise the funds for this purpose!!SANY5318 (450x338)

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