Saturday, April 2, 2011

WOW, new developments!

Ok, so you know how I mentioned some machines in Australia?  THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY!!!!
We are so excited!  My y parents packed them into crate, a local truck company delivered them to Melbourne (half price!!) and Rotary packed them into a chipping container due here in Timor in May!
I told Sinta about them, and how I would like to get them out to women with a rent/buy system.  She told me later that she couldnt sleep that night she was so excited and plannig how she could use her salary to pay one off and then start her own mending business from home on the weekends.  Perfect.

Now that we know it can be done, we may plan anothewr delivery in a few months, so maybe I'll stick up a wish list and you can all start collecting :)

So the sewing room looks lovely.  Sinta has set it up with all the products displayed around the room.  She launched bravely into uniforms, and has been selling a few each week.  She was very proud to tell me that she buys the black fabric for $4.5/m, can make 2 skirts from it, then sell them for $4.50-$5 each!  Double your money!

She also had some lovely news to share with me.  A relative (widow with 5 living children) gave them a baby boy (5months old) to care for (they have been suffering infertility for 8 years) So i was so overjoyed to hear she has a son to care for, even if it may only be for a few years.  She said she was so scared at first as he was very small and weak.

I just recieved an email from Greenbeans AU offering me some heavily discounted stock!  I really hope we can buy it.  I just need some cash.....  Anyone????

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  1. How much more $$ do you need to get the stock Cynthia?