Friday, April 15, 2011

Friends bringing gifts!

Wow! Yesterday we had a group of 5 lovely people from Palmerston Cross Roads (Baptist) Church visit us on their way to Los Palos with Samuel.  They pulled a large bag out of the car and inside was a brand new elna sewing machine! Thankyou to Dorothy!  Not to mention a large donation and a collection of patterns as well!  We set it up in the sewing room, and as soon as the power came back on, Sinta began using it.  It was so simple to thread, has matching feet and bobbins as the singers, and is so quiet!  Of course Serenity loves it because it has pink designs on the top :)  Will try to get a photo up when i can.
They are also returning on Monday and will collect the large order of bags to be taken back to Darwin.
(They also brought lollies for the kids, and we had asked for a tin of milo for a treat for them, and they brought 3 over!!!)  Too sweet...

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