Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A singer surprise!

Back in Australia,  we walked to a local garage sale, and there was a beautifully kept old style singer.  not the ancient pretty decorative ones, but a solid black beauty! We spoke with the owner (who amazingly turned out to be my textile teacher from highschool, who first inspired me to get into fashion).  She assured us it was a great solid sewer, and we can easily adapt it to fit a treadle table in Timor.
I looked the label up on google and found it was from the 40's, and its model no. 201k just happens to be regarded as the best simple neat sewer available!  Apparently quilters often use them as the stitches are so regular!

Then, a man at mums church offered me an old machine. I said sure!  It turned out to be the same sinnger model!  Then an op shop where my parents help out gave me 3 machines - 2 singers and an empisal (which uses the same feet and bobbins as singer), then i recieved 2 more "old" machines, turns out they too were 1 old singer, and an empisal! So i seem to have a set.  I actually now have 7 machines all lined up, all cleaned, oiled and tested.
Just remains the difficluty of trying to get them over to Timor....Hmmmm

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