Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some other pics of the sewing room...

Two of my neighbours having a little lesson one evening

Sometimes its gets pretty busy with women and children.

A lovely shot of the great cutting table!

A neighbour Rosina doing a few hours work for us cutting some flannel

Israel entertaining some neighbours kids on the sewing room floor

The beautiful almost new Janome that was donated by a lovely pensioner in Australia.

We now actually have a ceiling which keeps it a bit cooler than the plain tin

Trying to design a bag with some input from a school girl

Sinta working through her little production line of cloth pads

I re-used long life milk cardboard cartons as storage.  Slit them in half and taped them up.  They work pretty well.

We have baskets of fabric scraps and old clothing to remake into smaller items like purses.

Sinta and Angelica hard at work.
Well they may not be the best photographs, but hopefully this gives you more of an idea about our average days in the sewing room.

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