Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where did this crazy idea come from?

Well, being a woman, I had often in the past wondered what the poorest of poor do when it comes to their monthly cycle.  When we lived in Timor in 2008, I began to wonder how even the middle class women (if there is such a thing) could afford the disposable items.

Some issues I had to consider:
·    Modern Aussie cloth pads are expensive - ~$10 each!
·    Neat all-in-one types take a long time to dry, so they would need to purchase/own more of them.
·    Would the women in East Timor think it was a weird idea?
·    The women would need to know how to wash them hygienically – I must provide an instruction sheet!.
·    Would the women even have underpants to hold them in place?

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