Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lab Coats

An unusual request.   I must say that Bellekria has had a wide product base. 

Seeds of Life are creating an official soil testing laboratory.   We were asked if we thought we could whip up a handful of lab coats.   Of course we always say “sure we can”.  Never turn down work hey?

Thankfully, a lovely teacher at the international school offered us a small lab coat to copy.  When it arrived it turned out to be a “pretty” version perhaps from a dept store perfumery or a salon.   So it had a nice satin lining and darts to flatter the figure.   Seeds of Life decided they didn't need those details, so we bought some thick cotton drill and prepared to cut.   Sinta was sure they had recently received some white drill in the shipment from Australia, so she hunted through all the piles, and, she actually found a bonus.   In the pile of Cotton Drill, was 3/4 of a lab coat pr-cut!  ????? What on earth??03-DSCF3905

Yes, someone had donated a lab coat, cut out ready to copy.  Isn't God’s hand almost visible sometimes?  Sinta and the others voiced their amazement in Gods provision.  So of course this find made the task so much easier and less scary.   

We had to make them “4 small for Timorese size bodies, and 2 larger for foreigners”.   Not the best measurements to use, but I think they guestimated pretty well! :)




05-DSCF3933  04-DSCF3930

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