Sunday, July 1, 2012

First an explanation

I am so so sorry that updates have been so few and far between.   It actually does not reflect the activities and developments for Bellekria.

My excuses and explanations are briefly and humbly offered below….

1. First and most frustrating has been the sad failings of out local internet access.  The past 2 months have been very difficult to get any internet access,  which for me has meant that when, on the rare times it works efficiently, I must prioritise and unfortunately, perhaps wrongly, this Bellekria blog has been down a few pegs on the list, HOWEVER, we have just discovered a way for me to create the blog here at home and Samuel can then upload it through another internet system at his work.  So in theory that should mean I will be updating the blog every 2 weeks or so.

2. Only second because it hasn't impacted on my internet access so much….

I am  very VERY happy to announce I am pregnant with our 3rd child.  Its been a long awaited blessing, and all 4 of us are very excited!  I am coming towards 3 months, so am beginning to stabilise a bit, but for the last 5 weeks i have been quite nauseas and basically needing to eat a meal every 2 hours all day.  I have also been very tired and exhausted physically, so it has been a major effort for me to teach the kids all day, and then I kind of crash in the afternoon and often go to bed at the same time or even before the kids do!

I am hoping that in another month I will feel less fragile, and will have more energy to devote to my broader tasks – such as bellekria!


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