Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our First “franchise” effort…

I just realised I haven't shared this exciting story with you all yet…
DSCF3028Mateus is a young Timorese man we have been assisting a little.  He has been developing a children's education centre in a village called Liquidoe.  He employs 6 people to run an extra curriculum program after school a few times a week.  They also provide a very nutritious meal to the children.  He has been wanting to give his employees extra work, and asked Bellekria if we could train 2 of the young women to sew.
So two very shy women arrived to soak in as much as they could over 3 days.
Sweet Sinta was very excited to host them, and Novi and Anna all pitched in to help them develop “soft feet” as they call it.  Getting the rhythm of the treadle machine.   They worked hard at it, and by the last afternoon were able to create a shoulder bag and a small purse each to take home.  Sinta asked me to print out a certificate, which i did (on pink cardboard of course!)DSCF2997    DSCF3036 DSCF3038 We had a small semi formal presentation of the certificates (Level 1) with Sinta and Mateus officiating. :)
They left very excited and thankful, and Sinta was stoked that our sewing room was spreading out into the mountain areas.  Which is part of both our dreams.
They may come back some time for another 3 days. 

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