Friday, May 20, 2011

Training has begun!

Well i am very happy to announce that 4 women started learning how to sew last Thursday/Friday.  Another may also begin today.  Sinta decided ti was a good time to start so she asked around and a few women were very keen to begin learning.  They started by getting used to the rhythm of the foot pedal – quite tricky if you’ve never tried.  Sinta stood beside them helping to pump the pedal while they rested the hands on the table and tried to match the rhythm with their feet.  One lady picked it up quite quickly, and another really struggled.  Mind you there were lots of jokes going on to stimulate her! Poor girl!  It was pretty funny though. 
Sinta asked my advice about what to do next, so we discussed some ideas about learning to sew a straight line, and having a good knowledge of the machine and its threading etc.
The women will just come when they have time so its very relaxed.

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